David Moody


BTM Number:  106881502

Coach Code:  CO043321

Current Rating:  4.2

Weekly Rankings

National:   748

Regional:  149

County:       28

Points: 2302

Training Session with Nick Bolletieri

David took part in a training session with legendary coach Nick Bollettieri on Saturday,

27 June 2015.

David Moody is a talented young tennis player who is rising steadily  

through the LTA ranks.


He trains at the Southend Tennis and Leisure Centre under the

guidance of former IWTF Professional and Team GB athlete

Jamie Robinson.



In July 2014 he qualified as a Level 1 coaching

assistant; his coaching code being CO043321.


This he enjoys immensely and is looking forward to

progressing his coaching career over the next few years.

In addition to his commitment to coaching,

David will continue entering tournaments in

a bid to gain the highest rating he can possibly

achieve, with the intention of turning

professional as soon as possible.

Nick ran a number of coaching sessions at Thorpe Bay Tennis Club and passed on his tips while wearing a microphone, so those watching court-side were also able to hear his advice.  


David enjoyed his session immensely, during which he was

complemented on his footwork and strong serve.  Afterwards,

David and Nick had a long conversation with David taking

on board Nick's advice.


Nick Bollettieri has worked with some of the greatest tennis players,

including Boris Becker, Andre Agassi, and a host of other great

players and runs his own Academy in Florida.

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